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Public Service Announcement

1) Welcome to the new Wiki. It has forums for you to post your lesson plans and resources!

2) Still need contributors.

Welcome to Wakayama JETs

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Welcome to the home of Wakayama JETs on the internet. This group is a community portal for JETs and friends who live in Wakayama-ken, Japan.

Wakayama Prefecture faces the Pacific ocean, and is located in the southwestern part of the Kii peninsula which is the biggest peninsula in Japan. It has lots of beautiful nature and historical treasures with lush green mountains and a wonderful coast line. The Kumano Sanzan, a set of three Grand Shrines connected by ancient pilgrimage routes known as the Kumano Kodo, and the Buddhist temple complex of Koyasan, have been granted World Heritage Status and are some of the beauties that can be found here.

About Us

The goal of this site is to provide a support network both in and out of the office and useful information to help you enjoy your time in Japan. We have lots of essential, fun and interesting web-based resources so please explore and have fun!