Wakayama JET Wiki

During your time on JET, you will be attending all sorts of conferences, and it's sometimes hard to keep track of who is supposed to go to what, and what each one is about. Allow us to try to clear up the confusion.

Conference Who should go When Where
Tokyo Orientation
All 1st year JETs
July/August (upon arrival)
Wakayama Orientation
All 1st year Wakayama JETs
Wakayama city
Wakayama Skill Development Conference
All Wakayama ALTs
Wakayama city
Returners Conference
2nd~5th year JETs*

*Only if you are not recontracting. Application necessary

Tokyo Orientation[]

Tokyo Orientation is the three day conference you have when you first come to Japan. For more information, you can also give CLAIR's website a look. If you are a recontracting JET and you want to apply to be a Tokyo Orientation Assistant, the application deadline will probably be early March. Look for application information from your CO or in the february edition of CLAIR News.

Wakayama Orientation[]

For all 1st year JETs arriving to Wakayama. This seminar is held in Wakayama city and conducted by the PAs, WAJET and a number of ALT volunteers. The seminar is held for one day and the topics usually include information pertaining to teaching, Living guide and life in Wakayama Prefecture. There is also a trip to the Immigration bureau for those who wish to recieve their Re-entry permit, see Traveling. In the evening you'll also get to hang out with other members of the Wakayama JET community for a casual dinner party organized by the WAJET team!

Wakayama Skill Development[]

Mid-year Conferences for ALTs are organized by each prefecture. The Wakayama BOE organizes the two-day Mid-year Conference for Wakayama ALTs and JTEs, which is held in Wakayama city, usually around December. The seminar includes guest speakers chosen by the Wakayama BOE, workshops for ALTs to work with JTEs, as well as a Q&A session on the second day. It is organized completely by the Wakayama BOE (though the PAs might be around to help out), so any questions should be directed to their offices.

Returner's Conference[]

This is the only contract on the list that is not mandatory for anybody. In fact, you have to apply if you want to go, and most Contracting Organizations require their JETs to use Paid Leave. Read more about it on CLAIR's website.

Other Conferences[]

Aside from those listed here, there are also training seminars held for PAs and people who take either the Pedagogy course or the Translation Course, as well as various Opinion Exchanges. For more information, visit CLAIR's Website.